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How long will it take you to do my tax return?

This depends on the size of your business. A rough guide can be anywhere between one week and one month.

How much do you charge for you services?

We calculate your fee based on the amount of work we are providing for you and the size of your business - as this gives us an idea of how long the job will take to complete. We sit down and discuss fees with you before any work is carried out. Typically, a basic self assessment tax return and trade account start from £99.

If I meet you for an initial consultation, but I decide I no longer want to proceed, do I have to pay a fee for your time?

No. We do not charge for a consultation.

I cannot leave my business premises unattended to come and visit you, can you come to my premises to discuss my accounts?

Yes of course we can visit you at your premises, it's all part of our service!